DVD Express

What is DVD Express you may ask, well I am here to help you find out.

DVDXpress is a leading owner and operator of automated DVD rental systems in the United States. Since 2001, their focus has been on providing movie lovers with the most convenient and satisfying way to rent New Release DVDs instantly via our DVD Rental Kiosks.

It’s as easy as using a bank ATM.

That’s right! If you can use an ATM, then you can use our DVD Rental Kiosks. You can browse New Release movies by category (Comedy, Action, Drama, etc.) or title. Each movie listing displays colorful box art, the movie rating, and a brief description. Transactions with the kiosks are fast, efficient, and secure.

  • To RENT a movie, simply select the title you want, touch the “Rent” button, swipe your credit card, and in seconds your DVD is dispensed. The entire rental process can take less than a minute!
  • To RETURN your DVD, simply insert your movie into the same same dispenser slot. The kiosk will read the DVD’s security tag and draw it into the kiosk for immediate restocking. Returns can be completed in less than 20 seconds!

Much like the beloved Redbox, DVDXpress lets you go to your nearest store to pick one up or you can reserve one online. They also offer a monthly all you can watch rental for only $12.99.

Check out a DVDXpress near you and see what all the hype is about.

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