Emergency Plan Checklist

545391_81580206Disasters, natural or man-made, often come without warning. Having these supplies and details in order ahead of time will help you weather the storm with less stress.

Know your area – Check ready.gov for what to expect in the area you live.

Create a basic emergency kit – Include the following: Water(have 1 gallon per person, per day, for 3 days); can opener; battery-powered radio; flashlight; extra batteries; moist towelettes and garbage bags(for sanitation); local maps; first-aid kit; whistle; wrench or pliers and dust mask.

Make a to-go bag – Create a small version of an emergency kit with essentials like nonperishable food, water and a small first-aid kit.

Know your evacuation route – Have more than one option for getting out of town quickly.

Designate family meeting spots – Pick an area near the home to meet in the event of a fire. Choose another spot that is in the region, in case everyone is scattered and can’t get home. Have a third spot that is out-of-town, should your family have to evacuate separately.

Select an out-of-town contact – Name one family member or friend who can serve as a point person if your immediate family is separated.

Make a list of phone numbers – Everyone in the family should have a list of important contacts that they keep with them at all times. Include your office numbers, childrens schools, day care, doctors and close family members.

Write down important personal information – On the same phone list, under the doctors numbers, note any medical conditions you or anyone in your family has. You can print out a template listing all of this info at ready.gov.

Know the emergency plan of your children’s schools – Make sure and get all the information from your children’s schools as to where they go when they are evacuated and where you can pick them up.

Have a family meeting – Make sure everyone in your family knows and understands your emergency plan. Talk about the meeting spots, fire safety, and escape routes.

Adapted from REAL SIMPLE

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