Fall Cleaning Tips – How to Unload Your Crap

Summer has sadly slipped into that past and we are now into the cooler fall weather. Right now is the perfect time to do some fall cleaning. This is not like “Spring Cleaning”, I’m talking about cleaning out your closet and dresser draws when the season changes.

When you start to pack your summer clothes away, make sure and go through everything you are about to pack away and get rid of anything you haven’t wore at least once over the summer. The same with when you pull out your fall and winter clothes, if you don’t remember the last time you wore it, than get rid of it.

Tips for unloading your crap and making a little dough at the same time:

1. Ebay– Try your hand at putting your clothes on Ebay. Some well known brands sell very well. Make sure and include photos and a detailed description with the items you sell.

2. Craigslist – Sell your old clothes in lots on Craigslist. Make sure and be honest if there is anything wrong with it. Again photos are very helpful.

3. Consignment Shop – Check out your local consignment shop. They will usually only take items that are for the upcoming season and after the item sells they will take a percentage of what it sold for.

If you are suffering from the same clothes addiction I am and have clothes falling out every time you open the closet doors than unloading some of that crap will do you some good. So lets get cleaning!

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