Fall TV Line Up

Ahhh, the cooling of the air, the changing of the leaves, college football, back to school and, oh yes, TV show season premieres! There’s nothing like the fall and this fall proves to be no different with exciting new shows and others that I’ve been waiting all Summer to come back on. With the writer’s strike a bitter, fading memory, shows have the full season to make us laugh, cry, cheer and think as we enjoy drama, comedy and others each night after a day’s work. The average American watches, 4 hours of TV a day. That’s 28 hours a week, more than one full day, and 2 months straight a year. On average, an American youth spends 600 more hours a year watching TV than they do going to school.

In order to find a balance, choose a few of your top shows and stick to the them, occasionally adding others if your night is particularly slow or your kids are doing homework. WARNING: TV can be addicting and pull you away from your loved ones, sucking the life out of you and your family. However, TV shows can also be a great time to get together with your family or friends as you enjoy your favorite show together. Check out Television Statistics for info that will boggle your mind on how much we are glued onto TV.

My wife and I watched the series premier of ‘Fringe’ last night and for us, that’s actually what that show will be for us, a ‘fringe show’. Something we watch occassionally (although its plot line was so intricate and daunting, it may hardly be accessible) Here are some of our favorite ‘core shows’, ones that we will not want to miss each week and there season premiere debuts. Choose wisely for you and your kids as you begin this fall.

Monday: Prison Break–while the season premiere was a little slow, last Monday’s episode picked up and the chase is on again. The exciting 24-like tension and high speed chases make up for the poor acting and recurrent themes. Prison Break is on at 9/8c on Fox.

Tuesday: House–sarcastically negative Dr. House solves rare and random medical diseases while battling his own inner epiphanies and dysfunctional social skills. Last season ended with House being responsible for the death of his colleagues wife. House premiers next Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.

Thursday: a double-header for us….”The Office” and “Lost” are two of our favorite shows and the one’s we look forward to the most each week. This perfect combination of random and outrageously funny comedy and absurd and confusing mystery are shows we love to experience with friends. Laughing at Steve Carrel, and then 30 minutes later scratching our heads in confusion as to what really is the black smoke, make this TV night an exciting addition to our TV cache. The Office premieres at 9/8c on Sept. 25th on NBC and Lost begins in early 2009 on ABC.

So while our TV show watching tends to favor the more ‘dramatic’ shows, we love being on the edge of our seat and feeling the adrenaline rush in our TV experience. Check out ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX for more shows and info.

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