Familys Meals Under $10 for a Family of Four

Everyone is cutting back and food seems to be where we cut back the most. With the food prices rising and the economy falling apart, we all need to make some sacrifices. But you don’t always have to skimp on the good food either. I have compiled some recipes for a family of four that are all under $10.

Fresh From The Oven has an awesome homemade hainanese chicken rice recipe and she explains how she came to purchase everything for under $10.

The Bargainist also offers 3 scrumptious recipes, including Chili Cornbread Pie, Homemade Pizza and Turkey Meatball Gyros.

Who’s The Boss on Feb 25, 2009, wrote an article; 4 Meals Under $10. She has four suggestions and dont forget to check out the comments, they are full of more suggestions on how to save money and cook on the cheap.

Rachel Ray has a section on her website marked meals $10 and Under. You can even sign up to receive the Budget Friendly Meals email every Monday.

In the recent issue of Everyday Food they have 5 Great Meals for Under $10. I couldnt find the article on their website but if you have the magazine around or you can borrow it from a friend, you should check out the great recipes in their.

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