Find $1,000 by the Holidays

The title caught me off guard and made me want to read the article. I found this at and was impressed by the ideas she had. I am willing to put some of these ideas in effect in my life to see what I can save. Its been a tough few months for most everyone and we could all use some extra money for the holidays. Her idea is to start this through the months of October and November and since its mid October I figure I might not have the full $1,000 but even half that would help.

From the article: It’s not an unrealistic goal. I’ve collected six simple ideas to illustrate how easy it can be to find extra money in your budget to avoid debt this holiday season. (And you won’t have to eat Ramen noodles by candlelight for the next two months, either.) Employ these tricks for the months of October and November, and you could have $1,000 saved by December:

1. Adjust your tax withholding. This one wont work for me due to the fact that my husband is self employed, so I need to have as much taken out as possible to counter act those taxes.

2. Take fewer trips to the grocery store. I am a huge impulse buyer so this would help me save money. I would just have to calculate it so that I could see the savings.

3. Kick a habit. The coffee would have to go. I think I can do this, making coffee at home would really save me money.

4. Eat out one less time per month. My family has already started eating out less due to the high price of food and it has saved us some money.

5. Put on a sweater. This is another one of those ones that I have already started implementing and I am sure we will see a difference in the bill when we get it.

6. Examine your phone and cable use. We already have the cheapest cable possible, we only have it so we can get good reception. And no home phone since we have cell phones, so this wont save us any money.

Looking through these six money savers, I have four that will save my family money. I am excited to see how well I do with these simple money saving tips. For the complete article click here.

If you have some money saving tips for the holidays, please share them. Or if you plan to try these, please let us know how much money you have saved.

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