Five Gym Membership Alternatives

If you’re like me, you’re starting to realize that ‘thinking’ about working out isn’t going to burn any calories. But when I started looking into gym memberships around the city I live in, I was amazed at how expensive some of the monthly costs can be. I looked closer and found out that, on top of the monthly fees were start-up costs and other expenses that quickly added up to much more than we can budget for. So while gyms have some great perks and encourage people paying memberships to work out more often, here are some cheap ways to work out without going to a gym.

1. Find the nearest high school track and begin a walking and/or running regiment. Find a partner and enjoy the social aspect of burning calories while being able to track how far you are walking or running. Check out CoolRunning for a cool way to begin a running program and tips on getting the most out of walking and running.

2. Dust off your bike in the garage and get the family together for a bike ride. Biking on the open ride or in a neighborhood is a great family experience, as well as a great cardiovascular and muscular workout. Plus, it beats the bikes in the gyms where you pedal and pedal but never go anywhere and the scenery is better than the sweaty guy working out in front of you.

3. Buy a set of dumbbells from a garage sale or a local sports store and set up your own lifting regiment in your home. It will save you trips to the gym, your weights are available when you need them and you can pick them up in between chores or other moments throughout the day and workout more often.

4. Learn pilates by purchasing a pilates video and workout mat. This too allows you to workout in the comfort of your home, but gives you the body toning workout that you are looking for. Go to the Pilates website for information about Pilate Methods and videos available for ordering.

5. Pick up a sport like basketball, ultimate frisbee or others that will give you a workout and satisfy your competitive craving. Find some friends that enjoy the same sport and get together on a weekly basis to workout and have fun together.

What are your favorite alternatives to working out at the gym?

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