Flying For The Holidays? Last Minute Ticket Deals

I read an article in a local paper this morning (The Oregonian) that stated that for the first time in a lot of years, last minute holiday plane tickets are actually BELOW normal ticket prices. This is understandable considering our current economic situation and the airline’s attempt to hold on and maintain ‘business as usual’. So if you are looking for a last minute ticket or thinking about traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may be in luck this year.

Last Minute Travel-Has some great deals on flying throughout the U.S. and internationally. I check this one frequently for cheap tickets throughout the year. Look for some good Holiday deals on this website.

Last Minute.Com also had some good deals. A flight to Los Angeles from Portland, OR on Thanksgiving was about $258, which was the same on Orbitz.

There are a lot of other great cheap ticket sites and hope for those around the holidays that might be looking for seeing loved ones during this time.

Priceline and Expedia are also two of my favorite plane ticket sites so check those out as well.

Other sites you’ve found helpful for cheap plane tickets? Let us know!

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