Get in the Picture with Quik Pod

If you are one of those people who is constantly taking self portraits of yourself, or you just don’t like to ask strangers to take a photo for you, than the Quik Pod is for you.

So What is Quik Pod?. Quik Pod is an extendable handheld tripod, perfect for taking natural photos of yourself with family or friends, without having the arm in the way or looking like you are Stretch Armstrong trying to take a self portrait.

Quik Pod attaches easily to any device with a standard tripod socket. The DSLR extends your reach by more than 4 feet, extends from 18″ to 53″, ideal for DSLR cameras. The standard model extends from 7.5″ to 18″.

The basic Quik Pod, that comes with a carry bag, a pocket clip, end cap and wrist strap costs $24.95. The Quik pod DSLR, that comes with a carry bag, mono-pod rubberized end-cap, aluminum end-cap, hiking clip, gel pad and wrist strap costs $49.95. You can find both of these on the Quik Pod website.

Personally I am a fan of asking strangers to take photos, just cause I like to meet new people in foreign lands but I can also see how the Quik Pod would come in handy.

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