Getting Around Portland

The Rose City, Stumptown, Bridgetown, Rip City, Little Beirut, PDX, or whatever you like to call Portland, is a great place to visit and spend time but getting around can sometimes be difficult, especially if you have never been there before.

Portland is located in the northwest of Oregon and is the largest city of the state. And if you like outdoor sports, you can find almost anything you may want to do within an hour from the city. Skiing/snowboarding year round on Mt Hood, white water rafting, boating, bicycling/running with trails all over the city, climbing, you name it, Portland has it. Portland is also well known for its breweries and cuisine.

Portland is called Bridgetown for the simple reason that it has many bridges leading there way into the city. Once you understand the off and on ramps, you should be ok. But getting to the point of understanding how the city is set up usually takes multiple trips to the city.

For help from the Airport check out how stuff works website: How Portland Works: Portland City Guide.

If driving a car into the city seems too much or a bit overwhelming, you can hop on the MAX and it will take you in and out of the city with ease. Or you can hop on the many Tri-Met buses roaming around the city and park your car at a Park and Ride station. Below is a map of Fareless Square in Portland:


Adult tickets for one and two zones are $1.70 each; $2 for three zones. An all-day ticket is $4.25. Public transportation is free in Fareless Square, which includes downtown as far north as Northwest Irving Street and as far east as the Lloyd Center.

You can also rent bikes from Fat Tire Farm if you want to get around that way. Portland is number 1 in the USA for being the most bicycle friendly and number 2 in the world. If you want to walk, there are some great neighborhoods for that too. NW 23rd, sometimes called “Trendy-Third” because of all the hip shops and restaurants, is a great place to start. For bicycle maps of Portland click here.

Where ever you go in Portland, your bound to have a great time. Fun for all ages, everyday.

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