Go To My PC ~ Access Your PC From Anywhere

I was listening to the radio and heard an add for GoToMyPC.com. If you are always on the go and need a way to work from wherever your travels take you, than this is for you. GoToMyPC is the fast, easy and secure way to access your PC from any Web browser or wireless device in real time.

GoToMyPC allows you to remotely access your computer from any other Internet-connected computer in the world with almost any operating system through a secure, private connection. The GoToMyPC architecture is designed for maximum security, performance and reliability. Yet it’s still simple to implement and easy to use.


  • State-of-the are security features.
  • Redundant switches and routers, clustered servers and backup systems ensure reliability and scalability.
  • Does not require special configuration or compromise the integrity of your firewall.
  • High Performance.

For your company they offer all the same features of GoToMyPC plus a central administration center to manager your team’s access. Try a risk-free trial of unlimited remote access for multiple users to up to 4 PCs for 30 days. When your free trial ends, you can purchase GoToMyPC Pro access to up to 50 PCs.

For your personal use, try a risk-free trial, for unlimited access to 1 PC for 30 days.

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