Happy National Video Games Day

For all you avid video gamers out there, today is your day! Today, September 12th is National Video Games Day. How will you celebrate?

Why not take the day off work or school(yes, play hookey) and make this a marathon day for video games.

Invite some friends over and have an all-night video game party. Make sure and have everyone bring all their favorite games. Oh and dont forget to make sure you have enough controllers to go around. You can even set up a few tvs and have tournaments. Don’t forget to have awards for the tourny winners.

Remember the games that got it all started. Bring out the ancient(or so it seems) Atari system, or the Commodore 64 and if they still work, play and let it bring back memories of old. InfoPlease.com has a time line of all the video games and when they came out.

The best idea yet, sit down with your grandparents or your aunt and uncle and teach them how to play a video game. Most of them haven’t a clue how to play video games so take it easy on them and start with something simple. This is a great way to get the family together and it’s sure to bring some laughter into the room.

Send your friends an E-Card. For some great National Video Games Day E-Cards check out cards.123greetings.com.

Enjoy today to the fullest and don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones, “HAPPY NATIONAL VIDEO GAMES DAY!”.

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