Have Fun Cooking At Home

Did you know that, “Generation Y Americans, those age 16 to 27, eat out 24 times a month on average Generation Xers, age 28 to 39, still dine out 21 times a month, while baby boomers age 40 to 58 make an average of 19 restaurant visits monthly. And the so-called swing generation, those 59 to 71 years old, dine out 16 times a month on average” according to an article at Market Watch?

With the recent turn down in the economy, more and more people are realizing that eating at home can save you a lot of money. Eating at home can be boring and a lot of work, or, with the right attitude, it can become a whole lot of fun. Cooking for the family can be an event that everyone gets involved in extending your family time from not only eating the meal together, but cooking it together as well (and hopefully cleaning it). Put off your favorite TV shows and your other evening hobbies for a few extra minutes and seek to find the joy that can be found in cooking a meal together. It is amazing what the right attitude can do.

Here’s a simple recipe for one of those party favorites, guacamole dip. But what I like about this video is the fun that these guys have with it. So if you’re in the mood for a little kitchen and cooking fun, check this out…

The Guacamole Song

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