How many times have you cried out HELP? Or you were trying to fix something and you needed help? Help is one of those words that sometimes scares us, because we can’t seem to do it ourselves. But yet when someone offers to help you, the word Help turns into a good word, a word of encouragement, a word that makes us feel loved.

Recently I came across this website which is where you can find answers to important questions. Learn new skills. Achieve personal goals. Get inspired. Fix what’s broken. Build. Create. Solve problems. Change things. Accomplish stuff that matters.

Here is how it works:

  • Ask Questions
  • Feel Smarter
  • Share What you Know
  • Join Us
  • Help Experts and Help Others

Its completely free, The price of admission is you have to help other people when they ask. They connect you with experts, leaders, and other like-minded individuals who share your same passion, and we develop these connections into powerful, supportive online communities.

I signed up and it is a very easy process. They have chat, they have a search engine to see if your questions has been asked, and you can state your own question if you can’t find the help you need.

Check it out the next time you need HELP!

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