How to Camp with Less Gear

1076969_94629780Camping/Backpacking can be so much fun but the thought of all the gear you need to take with you and getting it all packed away sometimes can be overwhelming.

In Wired magazine there was an article about Les Stroud, star of TV’s Survivorman and his secret to toughing it in the wild. His answer: Don’t take a lot of stuff, just take the right stuff.

What is the right stuff?

  • Butane lighter or flint-and-striker kit to make a fire, first priority is to stay warm, dry and fed.
  • A light tarp will suffice for shelter.
  • You’ll need a flashlight to set up camp at night.
  • Bring at least two full sets of layered clothing(one you wear and one in a waterproof bag), so you always have dry duds.
  • If you’re going to rely on finding your food, fishing is more dependable than hunting and gathering; bring a good collapsible rod and a set of lures.
  • You’ll want a small camping pot to boil stream water. Look for one with a locking lid and a hook so you can suspend it from a tripod over a fire.

And the best advice from Les – Bring a friend. There’s an undeniable romance in braving the wilderness alone, but a buddy can save your life if something goes wrong. And the best trips are usually the ones you share.

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