How to Cheat at Wii Fit

In an amusing article from WIRED magazine, I read about How to Cheat at Wii Fit. If you are one of those people that enjoy Wii Fit but are tired of how much exercise goes along with it, here are some ways to enjoy and not exercise too much.

Run: Jogging in place with a Wiimote in your back pocket isn’t really going to buff you up anyway, so why not lie on the couch while you “work out”? When prompted to run, bounce the pointer end of the Wiimote against your leg at a steady clip.

The Jackknife Crunch: This move involves lifting your shoulders and legs off the ground — great for the abs. For a workout you can stomach more easily, sit on the couch with the Wii balance board beneath your soles. Lift up your feet when prompted. Bask in the AI’s praise.

Skiing: Zigging and zagging through this slalom course requires great physical agility. But if you had that, you wouldn’t be inside playing Wii, would you? So sit on the balance board and tilt forward until your skier digs in. Lean left and right to hit the gates. Your lower center of gravity will help you slice through the powder.

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