How to Clean Your Office Desk

1172246_33091802We are well into spring but spring cleaning is not only for spring. If you haven’t cleaned your desk lately and you have been having problems finding frequently used items, it is time to get your clean on. Below are some helpful ways to clean your office desk.

Keyboard -To begin with shake out your keyboard and then grab a canister of canned air, hold your keyboard over a garbage can, and the force of the spray should shake lose all remaining particles.

Monitor Compukiss has a Clean the Screen tutorial for any type of monitor you have.

Mouse – Clean out your mouse by taking tweezers and removing the buildup that accumulates around the ball. If you have an optical mouse, just clean off the buildup that occurs around the bottom of the mouse.

Chair – It all depends on the material its made of. Beyond the Office Door runs through the different office chair material and how to clean them.

Desktop -Wipe over the entire desktop surface with a disinfectant spray to keep the germs at bay.

Carpet -Don’t leave crumbs on the ground for the weekly cleaning crew, clean it up right away if they have a dust buster.

Desk Drawers – Pull everything out of your desk drawers, keep a recycle bin and garbage can close, get rid of any papers you dont need. When you have gone through everything, make sure and put anything you use frequently near the front of the drawer and those things you dont use often to the back of the drawer.

Phone – Clean your phone with cotton swabs dipped in alcohol. The alcohol will clean off any dirt and leave it germ-free.

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