How to Create a cheap Communications Wall for your Office

Whether its the business office or the home office, you can create a communications wall cheaper then you may think. White board and Chalk board walls are so helpful for business meetings, calendar events and organizing thoughts and ideas.

Did you know you can make a magnetic chalkboard wall? Check out the article on How To Create a Magnetic Chalkboard Wall at You will need magnetic paint and chalkboard paint to complete this project. A court of magnetic paint will run about $30. and a quart of chalk board paint is about $15.

If you just want a chalkboard wall, well that’s pretty self explanatory. Just paint the wall with chalkboard paint and there you have it. Chalkboard paint comes in many gray and green tones. For an at home office chalkboard wall calendar, check out this idea from

For a whiteboard wall check out the article and instructions at CoolTool, Marker Board Walls. You will need Tileboard and liquid nail paneling glue. The cost is approximately $50. Not bad for a full wall of whiteboard.

These are just some ideas, each at a great low price. There are a lot of ways you can create great walls for your specific needs. Check out your local Home Depot or Lowes for more office ideas.

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