How to Make a Mini Christmas Light Bulb Tester

Over at wikiHow I found this tutorial on How to Make a Mini Christmas Light Bulb Tester. Instead of going out and buying one of those fancy light testers that don’t seem to work like they should, try this to test your mini-lights and see if they work and need to be replaced.

  1. Place the electric cord next to the “D” battery. Carefully splice the cord down the middle so you have two separate pieces that are still attached to the plug. Cut one end so it can run from the top of the battery to the bottom center of the battery. Expose the copper ends and tape securely to the bottom of the battery.
  2. Cut the other piece very close to the plug (leave yourself some extra, but not too much).Expose the copper in the wire and tape it to the top of the “D” battery. Be sure to tape both ends securely so they won’t move.
  3. Take the top off your Rx bottle and place on top of the two prong plug and draw two lines on the cap where the would be. Try to center them with in the cap. With your knife, cut the cap where you made the marks so you will have two slits in the top of your Rx cap.
  4. Slide your “D” battery with taped-on plug into the Rx bottle.
  5. Line up your cap with the two slits and place over the prongs which will slide through the the two slits and the rest of the cord head will be pushed into the bottle leaving you with the Rx bottle closed and two prongs sticking out the top
  6. Carefully squeeze the two prongs close enough together so you can fit a mini light into it and presto, you have a mini light tester.

For the complete Tutorial and Tips click here!

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