How to Make Your Office Recycle-Friendly

“Recycling – Why? What little I do wont help”, but Oh Yes it will! Waste has become an increasingly difficult environmental and economic problem, one which affects us all and to which we all contribute. Individuals, at home or at work, have a vital role to play in the endeavor to reduce waste.

I have been looking at the items that go in the waste bin daily and I notice how many items are recyclable and I have been wondering what our office would have to do to become recycle-friendly. Here is a plan that can work for your office.

Gather the Facts: Conduct an audit to determine the amount and types of materials that are recoverable or recyclable. Identify all materials that are potentially recyclable. And talk to your recycler and ask if they can provide information about the types of materials they accept for recycling.

Organize collection procedures: Determine the size and number of containers needed and post signs on bins indicating what materials are acceptable.

Engage Employees: Educate employees, talk about the recycling program and get the word out, with a memo or email. Motivate employees with contests or rewards for achieving recycling goals. A weekly email reminder helps reinforce employee recycling behaviors.

Keep Track: Track the amount of recyclables collected for each material and track the amount of additional costs or cost savings to the business. Make sure and spread the word, when employees see progress, momentum for the recycling will take off.

Keep it Up: Keep up the communication, keep the reward motivation going, and make adjustments when necessary. Its never a bad idea to get the employees input about how the program is going.

Some helpful sites for your recycle-friendly office=

Shred Nations

The Recycling Center

Green Office Store

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