How to Roast Coffee in Your BBQ

Coffee beans - office stimulantI had never heard of roasting coffee in a bbq but as I have read and heard, it is happening more often than you realize. Now you would think that roasting coffee would be difficult but they say “If you can pop popcorn, you can roast coffee”. Is it really that easy?

The first thing you need is green coffee beans. More important than the year of the crop is the quality of the bean, the preparation at origin, transportation and warehousing in country of consumption. If all of these things are done correctly, your green coffee will last for years. Check out U-Roast-Em for all your green coffee needs. walks you through the process they used to make a coffee roaster with their bbq. They share photos of each step and a detailed tool’s list. also has step-by-step instructions on How to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans. They use a a cylindrical roaster that you use on top of the gas bbq.

Amazon sells a COFFEE ROASTER KIT barbecue BBQ rotisserie for green coffee beans for your bbq. Roasts up to 5 Pounds of Green Coffee Beans, as much as many Commercial Units! This Coffee Roaster Kit comes fully assembled and ready to go! Fits inside of your Home Barbeque unit and attaches to your existing Rotisserie unit.

For another interesting way to roast coffee in your home, check out this article from engadget, How-To: Make a popcorn popper coffee roaster. You can also roast your coffee in your gas oven or electric oven. Making roasting at home easier yet.

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