How to Safely Dispose of your Electronics

Electronics contain an alarming amount of harmful chemicals. Here is a list of chemicals that are in your electronics: Lead, Mercury, cadmium, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, Polyvinyl chloride, lead acid, lithium, arsenic and the list goes on.

The best way to safely dispose of old electronics is to ship or drop them off at companies here in the US that will correctly recycle or dispose of them.

Here is a list of companies that will do that for you.

Sony’s National Take Back Recycling Program. You can recycle old electronics or rechargeable batteries free of charge.

Dell Recycling. You can recycle your unwanted Dell-branded products for free.

Apple Recycling Program. Apples recycling program is a bit different. Purchase any qualifying Apple computer or monitor and receive free recycling of your old computer and monitor — regardless of manufacturer.

Sharp Toner Recycling. Free recycling for your Sharp toners.

Panasonic has a Refurbishment, Recycle/Exchange Program. It doesn’t say if there is a charge for recycling your batteries, computers or toners.

HP recycling services provides an easy way to recycle computer equipment, printing supplies, rechargeable batteries and other items.

If you want to donate your computer and get tax credit check out eCycling for details and lists of local programs.

If you want to know what state E-Waste laws and bills are under consideration for 2008 check out e-takeback. They also have information on how to find recyclers in your state.

Please consider these options when getting rid of old electronics. Just a little work on your part does a lot for our environment.

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