How to Save for Your Next Family Vacation

As school is about to start and summer is ending you begin to think about what family vacation you will take next summer. Family vacations are an important part of growing up and it gives the family a chance to be together without the daily interruptions you have at home. But there is one stressful thing that goes along with it; money. Saving for a family vacation can be overwhelming and can seem unattainable. After you have determined how much the vacation will cost, divide it between 9 months so that you know how much you will need to save each month and open up a Family Vacation Savings Account. Here are some tips to help you save and bring that family vacation into reality.

1. Change – When you and your spouse get home from work take all the change you have accumulated that day and put it in some type of container that isn’t easy to grab from. Saving about $270 over 9 months.

2. Clean out – Go through your closets and get rid of what you don’t need by either taking clothes to consignment shops or putting some items on eBay. Getting you much closer to your target goal.

3. Checks – Whenever you get an unexpected refund check or a reimbursement for mileage put that money aside. This will add up fast.

4. Clip Coupons – Before you go grocery shopping, check out all the adds and clip coupons for the items you need. Keep track of the amount you save and put that into the family vacation savings.

5. Write a check – Keep track of when you save money, if you find a gift for $3 but would have paid $15 for it, write a check for $12 and put it into the family vacation savings.

6. Cut back on Extras – If you have someone who mows your lawn or cleans your house, cut these out for as long as you can and put that money you would have spent on it aside and into the family vacation account.

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