How to Save Money on Wedding Gifts

573322_59062526When it comes to weddings, you are not obligated to spring for the most expensive item on the wedding registry. Most registry lists have lower-priced items in the $25 to $35 price range.

If you are low on cash like most people these days, send a note along with your small dollar gift, and maybe an offer to cook the couple a meal or garden for them. Be creative when thinking of a gift, what are the peoples interests. Consider making something – your friends will appreciate the time and heart you put into your wedding gift. Some other ideas:

  • Frame their wedding invitation.
  • A bottle of wine or a bottle of liquor.
  • Ingredients for a romantic dinner.
  • Magazine subscriptions are gifts that keep on giving.
  • Give them a movie night.

You can also pool money together with friends to get that expensive gift on their registry. Keeping your cost down and getting the wedding couple what they would like.

Hit a site like for low-priced original art that will remind the couple of a shared experience, their backgrounds or their honeymoon. Remember, your gift should celebrate the happy couple, not break the bank.

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