How to Slash Your Monthly Grocery Bill

Plan meat-free meals at least once a week – Leaving meat out of a meal once or twice a week can really cut down on the amount of money spent. has a lot of recipes, shopping guide, blog, dining out and they have a guide that will take the guesswork out of vegan cooking. Also has an expansive vegetarian section.

Shop at warehouses every few months -Don’t head to the local warehouse every week or you will spend too much and not have much from your trips. Try to stick to making those trips every other month or every third month and only purchase the items that are better deals than the grocery store, such as cheese, meat and milk products.

Pick recipes based on what’s on sale – Before heading to the grocery store, check on-line to see whats on sale and what store is offering the best deals. Then Plan your meals by whats on sale.

Buy meat in bulk – Meat companies rarely offer coupons, buy in bulk when you can and if you find a great deal on meat, buy a few packages and freeze them. The general rule of thumb is that meat can be kept in the freezer for up to a year.

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