How to Start a Garden

1064287_43876726Its that time of the year again. Have you started your garden? I was looking at different sites to find out more about how to start a garden and found How to Start a Simple Garden – Even in an Apartment, from the

Growing your own food is a very rewardable way to save money and eat healthier. The Simple Dollar gives you 8 easy steps to help you achieve your goal of gardening. This is more for the beginner gardener than for the novice but good information none-the-less.

  1. Start small – very small. This is especially true if you live in an apartment and don’t have much space anyway.
  2. Focus on a very small number of different plants. What vegetable do you most enjoy?
  3. Choose a place with adequate sunlight – or get some natural light bulbs. If you have a window with room for potted plants nearby, this is the place to use.
  4. Research your plant and buy an appropriate pot. For example, I had one small cherry tomato plant in a single flower pot, and then a flat bottomed, larger pot full of cilantro.
  5. Use good soil. I reuse it for years, but the first batch you should get should be good stuff.
  6. Get a handful of worms. These can usually be had at a bait and tackle shop.
  7. Set a clear watering schedule. Find out how much water the plants need  and plan a clear watering schedule.
  8. Weeding. Surprisingly, weeding is almost nonexistent with such a situation, especially for the first year.

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