Learn to Juggle in 3 Minutes

Tomorrow, April 18, is International Jugglers Day so what better day than today to learn how to juggle.

Below is a instructional video to help you learn how to juggle in 3 minutes. This boy does a great job explaining and showing you how to hold the balls and just how easy it is to juggle.

International Jugglers Day and World Jugglers Day celebrates talented people who can juggle many balls and objects at a time.

What is juggling? According to Wikipedia, Juggling is a physical human skill involving the movement of one or more objects, usually through the air, for entertainment.

In Rochest New York is the 32nd RIT Spring Juggle-In Public Show on Saturday April 18, 2009. RIT is pleased to present a Special American Debut Performance of “GEARS” featuring Wes Peden & Patrik Elmnert. Check out whats going on in your community to celebrate International Jugglers Day.

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