Organizing Tips for Your Home and Life

Do you sometimes feel like finding what you need is a treasure hunt and your the one drawing the map? Are you constantly moving boxes from place to place to get to what you need? Do you feel overwhelmed when you start to clean because you cant even pull the vacuum out? Than this is for you.

Three of the most common reasons why it may be difficult to organize is because you either, A) Have too much stuff, B) You’re unorganized or C) You’re too busy or too lazy. Whatever the case my be, here are ways you can get organized.

If you have the Pack-Rat Syndrome one great tip to use is to put some of the stuff you don’t use in a box and stick it in the garage and write on your calendar in 6 months to check on the box. If in that 6 months you never got anything out of it, take it straight to donation. Don’t even open it or you might change your mind. If you feel like some of its worth some money, than stick the items on ebay or craigslist and get some money, it wont be nearly as hard to get rid of it if you get some cash in return.

Being unorganized is a “right now” short-term solution. It deals with your life at the very moment you are dealing with it, but in the long run it wastes a lot of your valuable time because you have to deal with it repeatedly. To become organized you have to implement the cleaning process over and over daily until it becomes a habit.

Do you feel like 24 hours in a day is never enough? Are you tired most of the time and have no energy? Organizing your time is going to help you in organizing your home. Take a look at what you do daily. Are you spending too much time watching TV? Are you too busy shopping? Neglecting the daily needs of the house? Even if you work a full time job, if your time is organized you can get a lot done and still have time for your family.

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Green tip of the day: Recycle/Re-use old shoe boxes, cardboard boxes or plastic containers for organizing your bathroom, laudry room and kitchen. Jars, milk jugs(with the top cut off) and cans can all be used to organize items in the garage. Not only is this good for the environment, its also good on your pocket book.

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