Pear Budget – Really Simple Budgeting for 2009

2009 is upon us, and most of us have thought of many ways we can make this year better than the last. Spending less and budgeting is among the top 10.

As I was looking through the internet I found this site called Pear Budget. It looks like a great budgeting system. They have it Free for 30 days so you can try it out. Its fully customizable, flexible, quick to set up, easy to maintain, straightforward and understandable. They claim its easier than Quicken or Microsoft Money.

It starts out with a simple put a check by the categories you want in your budget. Than you decide how often you spend money on each category. Than you enter how much you spend per month on each monthly category and how much you spend on the once or more yearly categories. Than the last part is inputting how much you expect to make this month. And than you are on your way to start budgeting.

Now seeing it all on paper can be a little disheartening, at least for me it was. But this will help me get on my way to handling my finances better. I would suggest that if you are going to do this, get out your bills and receipts so that you can get an accurate budget planned out.

Pear Budget also has a blog. Check it out!

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