Starbucks VS Peet’s

These are the two coffee companies I hear most about these days. What are the differences between the two, why do some people like one over the other? Here are some differences I found.

Starbucks has a rewards program. I mentioned this in an earlier post but I will repeat it for those that haven’t read it. Register any starbucks card for amazing benefits. Free refill, free flavors or special milk, free beverage with whole bean purchase and 2 free hrs wi-fi. I love this, it saves you a lot of money when you use a card.

Peet’s has no reward or special incentive program. But they do offer free wi-fi for 2 hrs now.

Score – Starbucks 1 Peet’s 0

Starbucks offers sugar-free, skinny options. I am not a fan of the sugar-free syrups starbucks uses. The after taste is not so good.

Peet’s offers sugar-free and lower fat milk options also. Peet’s sugar-free syrup is the best I have tasted, it has no after taste and it actually tastes good, not like most sugar-free syrups.

Score – Starbucks 1 Peet’s 1

Starbucks is on the list of 100 best Companies to work for. I have heard from many employees that they truly are a great company to work for. They offer a great package, even for those employees that only work part time.

Peet’s isn’t on the list.

Score – Starbucks 2 Peet’s 1

I heard that Starbucks has changed some of its ways of doing things, like not re-steaming milk, using only recently roasted beans and freshly brewed coffee every hour or something like that. But I cant find anything about it on their website.

Now Peet’s has a section on their website under Peet’s Stores called 10 Things You May Not Know. It lists things like, our whole bean coffees have been roasted within 10 days, never re-steam milk, hand scoop beans to the customers order, grind our coffee beans just before brewing and 6 other things. I find this to be very helpful and informative.

Score – Starbucks 2 Peet’s 2

I have had drinks at both coffee companies and I enjoy my regular, fat induced drinks at Starbucks and I enjoy the sugar-free low fat drinks at Peet’s. Both are great companies and make great coffees and I give them both a thumbs up! Why do you like one over the other? Whats your favorite coffee house?

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