– The PrivacyChoice Wizard

Privacychoice opts you out of profiling by advertising and content networks who track your behavior as you visit different websites. It consolidates scores of individual opt-out buttons from dozens of networks, including Google AdSense, DoubleClick, Yahoo! and AOL. Also Privacychoice doesn’t require you to turn-off cookies completely or manage privacy settings site-by-site.

How does opt-out wizard work?

Cookies are small files written to your computer by websites as you use the Web. They allow sites to do useful things, like remember your username from visit to visit. On a single web page, you might have cookies written by a dozen or more different third parties, including as networks that provide advertising on pages and companies that do market research. Although you might expect the site you are using to compile your profile in order to provide you with better service, you may be troubled that third parties you’ve never heard of are profiling your behavior, and using it in ways that you may not understand.

The good news is that many of these companies provide a way for you to “opt out” of profiling, by writing a special, non-unique cookie, which tells their systems not to record your behavior. Google has explained how this works, at least for their own ad networks.

The problem is that there are scores of ad networks, marketers and affiliate networks who use cookies for profiling. The wizard causes your browser to collect those cookies from all of the different networks, with only one click.

Privacychoice is free, and works in most browsers.

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