Removing Those Annoying Stains While at the Office

What happens when you get to the office and see you have a stain on you, or you end up getting a stain on you from your lunch? Most of us would like to run home to get a new outfit on. Most days that isn’t possible, so we walk around with a stain on us, trying to cover it up with a folder or hiding behind the computer, so that others don’t notice. Well you can’t hide behind the computer all day, so how do you get these stains out while at work with the limited resources that are in the bathroom or break-room? Here are some ideas to try next time you’re stuck at the office with a stain:

Coffee Stains – If you do spill, act quick! Simply grab some peroxide from your office’s first aid kit as well as cotton balls. A large fist full of toilet paper or paper towels works fine too. Grab a bottle water and head to the bathroom. Take a large portion of your paper and apply it firmly to the top of the stain. Press the peroxide bottle against the inside of the clothing and tilt the bottle to dowse the stain thoroughly, you want to push the stain out the way it came not further through the fabric. Allow peroxide to sit for a minute then repeat the process with the bottled water to rinse. If you don’t have a bottle of water to rinse with, use some of your paper towels to blot the inside of the stain thoroughly. Use the remainder of the paper towels to blot the stain dry.

Dog Slobber – You should use a light soap and warm water and lightly dab at the stain with a wet rag. The sooner you treat it, the easier and more effectively it will come out.

Dirt Stains – Weather your dog jumped up on you or you accidentally rubbed up against the car, treat dirt or red clay on clothes immediately with some liquid dish soap.

Ink Stains – Spray a little hairspray on a spot and blot, don’t rub, with the paper towel. The hairspray should start dissolving the ink and the paper towel will absorb it. Start at the outside of the spot and work your way in. Keep spraying hairspray on a little at a time.

Food – Food never spills down your front unless you are out in public where it quickly makes a mockery of your front side. Should, that happen, head to the closest restroom. Gently dab a bit of liquid soap on the spot and resist the temptation to rub. Let the soap set. It may look funny until you get home, but the food stain comes right out.

Do you have any stain removal tips that could be used at the office? Please share your ideas or tips with us.

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