Say No To Drinking Straws!

People have been drinking from straws since they were created in 1888 by Marvin Stone. Drinking from straws is certainly the fun way to enjoy a drink and some even say it keeps your teeth whiter when drinking dark colored drinks.

But did you know that sipping your favorite beverage through a straw sadly can mess up your face. Dermatologists say the act of sipping is like smoking a cigar. Repeated puckering can leave you with a lot of wrinkles.

Also did you know that the amount of air that gets into your stomach is increased if you drink through a straw causing painful gas.

Many times straws end up in landfills along with our garbage, taking many years to biodegrade.

So lets try and go straw-less, it will save your face, your stomach and even lighten your footprint on this earth as they wont be ending up in the landfills.

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