Simple Ways to Eat Healthier

1151129_697957881. Go for smaller portions – Use smaller plates or ask for a smaller size. Eating large portions increases not only your waistline but increases your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. Try sharing with a friend or family member when you go out to eat.

2. Get your calciumCalcium not only builds strong bones, it also helps reduce blood pressure. Drink a glass of milk a day. Check out the gotmilk website for more info and health benefits.

3. Add 1 fruit or veggie to your plate – Lower your blood pressure by adding a fruit and veggie to your meals.

4. Drink Water – Drinking water instead of coffee, soda or other sweetened beverages saves calories as it keeps your body functioning optimally.

5. Eat cereal for breakfastStudies show people who start there day with breakfast cereal have higher intakes of vitamins and fiber and lower intakes of fat and saturated fat.

6. Choose lower fat options Choose low-fat, high-fiber foods whose lower calorie density fills you up without filling you out. Fruits, veggies and whole grains are all excellent choices.

7. Eat tuna/salmon – It is recommended that you eat these types of seafood twice a week. Fish is high in two kinds of Omega-3 fatty acids, which according to the American Heart Association are beneficial to your heart.

8. Go meatless – Consume less fat and saturated fat, plus increase fiber intake by going without meat at least once a week but two to three times if you can.

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