SoftBellys – The Fun Way to Clean Your Screen

Almost everyone owns a computer and we all clean our screens, dust is unavoidable, so why not have fun while cleaning your screen. Originally called ScreenieBeanies, SoftBellys are screen cleaners with an optical grade micro fiber on the tummy of the stuffed animal. All you have to do is wipe the SoftBelly across the screen and the dust collects onto the micro fiber. They are not only for your computer screens but for any electronic screen that needs to be cleaned.

SoftBellys currently have 40 animal species styles and 2 additional items including the Space Shuttle and Airplane. You can check their catalog for the variety of SoftBellys they have. Most SoftBellys can go into the washer and dryer, the few that can’t are surface washable. Each comes with a fun name and are guaranteed to be free from defect or replaced at no extra charge.

If you are interested in fundraising, SoftBellys provides all the materials needed to plan and run a successful SoftBellys Fundraiser. The Products will sell themselves.

Check out the promotional information for SoftBellys. As a gift they can have an engraved message from the giver or for trade shows they can have a product or company name put on them. You can email SoftBellys for more information and production requirements.

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