Spill Proof Your Starbucks Lid

Have you ever ordered a drink from Starbucks and started to drink it and it spilled all down the front of you? If you are like me, you usually get your coffee drink in the morning on the way to work. So when it spills on you at the beginning of the day, you have to walk around with a stain on you all day long.

I don’t know why it happens so often but I have figured out what causes it: If your sipping hole is on the seam, it WILL leak! Apparently this happens to many people because over at wikiHow I found this article:

How to Make Your Starbucks Cups Spill Proof

  1. Put your lid on so that the cup’s seam is at the back of the lid (opposite the sipping hole). If they double cup your beverage, rotate the inner cup, until the seams meet (you’ll feel them connect) and then rotate your lid so the drinking hole is opposite the seam.
  2. Fold a napkin in half and slip the cardboard sleeve down.
  3. Slip the napkin between the sleeve & the cup so that it runs along the cup seam, and slide the sleeve back up. The top edge of the napkin should just tuck under the lid. Drips from the seam will now get caught in the napkin and not on you!

TIPS ~ If you will only drive a short distance to work (or whatever your destination is), you can further spill proof the cups by stacking a flat lid under the normal lid (flat lids are available if you ask). When you get to the destination, just pull the lids off, remove the flat lid, and replace the normal lid. This will keep your car (or at least the person who cleans it) very happy.

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