Sports’ Stimulus Package

Whether this new ‘stimulus’ package will help our economy re-correct itself remains to be seen. People and businesses everywhere have been affected by the economy’s downturn. Hopefully HackALife has helped you in cutting back and saving money in different areas of your life.

Golf has also taken a hit in the economy, particularly due to the loss of superstar Tiger Woods. Golf has seen a 60% drop in interest in the sport since Woods’ departure 8 months ago. But today, Woods returns. Check out EverydayQB for more info.

Even with the economy’s downturn, people with smart spending habits have survived. Here at HackALife, we will continue to provide you with tips and tricks to help you survive.

This nike commercial shows how much some golfers have enjoyed the absence of Tiger Woods. Hopefully some of our government’s attempts to restart the economy won’t cause the same kind of disappointment. Enjoy:

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