Spruce up Your Home without Spending Money

Courtesy of Real Simple

You can spruce up your house without spending money simply by using the stuff you already have. Because sometimes, especially in these economically hard days, it pays to reinvent instead of reinvest. Over at Real Simple I found these no money make over ideas.

There is no need to buy new stuff when everything you need is already within reach. If you are in the mood to redecorate, try one of these magical-yet-manageable transformations that you can pull off in a pinch.

Add a natural touch – Brighten up the black hole by sticking a plant inside the fireplace. Use plants that don’t require a lot of lights, such as a fern.

Place a quilt over your headboard – If your bed is boring and you want to add some color, place a quilt over the headboard frame.

Place art against the wall – If you were planning on buying large piece of furniture to conceal those ugly cords running along the floor, just use some framed art and set them against the wall to hide those wires.

Use bracelets for napkin rings – The bracelets can add a very festive fun touch to your table.

Dress up your dresser – Try tying colorful ribbons around the knobs for a splash of color.

Left over paint – Use your left over paint to spruce up a chair or small table by painting just the legs.

Spruce up your vanity – Use mismatched table ware to store your toiletries in. Grab your seldom used table ware and arrange them on a platter on your vanity to hold your toiletries.

These are just a few fun ways to spruce up your home. Go through your closets and start pulling out items you have stashed away and try to use them in new ways. Check out Real Simple for more fun ways to refresh your home.

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