Starbucks Gold Card – November 4th, 2008

On November 4, a new way to save will be landing in Starbucks. It’s called Starbucks Gold. Join Starbucks Gold for $25, and here is what it can do for you:

  • Get an automatic 10% discount on most items in store
  • Free Wi-Fi access (a two-hour session every day)
  • Surprise indulgences, like a treat on your birthday
  • Share your discount on friends and family days

In this article, Starbucks hopes to reheat sales from the August 13, 2008 Denver Post, it tells about how the Seattle-based coffee titan has unveiled a pilot program in Denver and Vancouver, British Columbia, called Starbucks Gold Card, in which customers who have registered their Starbucks cards are invited to sign up to get perks such as a free birthday drink and friends-and-family discounts.” I guess it worked in Denver and Vancouver because now its coming for everyone to enjoy.

I am excited to get on the Starbucks Gold band wagon and enjoy those discounts over the holidays. Check out your local Starbucks on November 4 for all the details!

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