7 Ways To Stay Cool In The Heat

sweaty-manJuly is one of the hottest months of the year and many places in Oregon and beyond are experiencing some of their hottest temperatures. If your like my family and don’t have an air-conditioned home to retreat to, these hot days can be very unpleasant. Here are seven tips to help you stay cool during the triple digit days:

1. Drink water-staying hydrated is crucial in staying healthy and giving your body the water it needs to keep your body cool and functioning.

2. Get up early to start the fan-Keeping the air moving in your home can lower the temperature. Get up early while its still cool and let a little fresh air into your home. Leave your windows open during the night to get air flow as well.

3. Rinse your feet and face off before bed-Cooling off your extremities before bed can lower your body temperature and provide a brief respite long enough to get some sleep. Rinse your feet off in cold bath or shower water to cool down.

4. Avoid cooking and eating hot food-Hot food in your stomach will make you feel hotter. Now is the best time to get some icecream!

5. Limit the use of appliances in the home-Appliances put off heat in your home that you don’t want in there! Turn off ovens or microwaves, toasters or tvs and only use the essential appliances you need during the heat.

6. Find a river, lake or pool to cool off at-Find a local watering hole to relax in and make sure you wear sun screen!

7. Find refuge with a friend-Rent some movies and find a friend with air-conditioning!

If you have any other tips on how to stay cool during this heat wave, pleas post them in our comments section.

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