Walk it Off

1214071_63598155Walking may not seem to you to be a good way to exercise but according to an article from Family Circle I found out how good walking can be for you and the great thing is that its low impact and almost anyone can do it.

Millions of Americans don’t exercise because they think working out has to be challenging to be beneficial. But the fact is just the act of getting up and moving makes a difference. New research has found that even super-slow strolls reduce risk of cardiovascular events by 31% and the chance of dying(during an 11 year period) by 32%. Participants covered as little as 5 1/2 total miles a week and went as slow as 2 miles per hour.

Walking can also keep you slim. A 2009 study of nearly 5,000 men and women found that americans gain an average of more than 2 pounds a year once they reach middle age, but the more walking they do, the less weight they put on.

For the best results, the American Heart Association, in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine, recommends adults walk briskly for at least 30 minutes, five days a week. How fast? That’s up to you. A study of overweight, sedentary volunteers revealed that all of them achieved a healthy heart rate of 60% to 70% of their maximum range when told simply to walk briskly.

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