Don’t Fall for Black Friday Deals

Last year on November 26 I wrote this post and wanted to give you a recap in case you are thinking of stepping out on that fateful day to buy something you really don’t need.

From Nov. 26, 2008:

Black Friday is just 2 days away. Most people check out the ads on Thanksgiving day to see what great deals are out there and how much money they can save. This will probably be the first year that I don’t go out and buy anything. Last year I made it only to one store to get some half price socks, I am excited to stay away completely this year.

Over at is an article about Black Friday, The Money Snapping Secrets of Black Friday Sales. I was intrigued by what Jeffery had to say about Black Friday. Here are 8 reasons, he gives, why you should skip the Black Friday Hubbub.

  • You don’t need any of it.
  • You Can Use the time better.
  • You wont get what you went for.
  • The Black Friday experts already have won the game.
  • You’ll buy things you never intended to buy.
  • You’ll forget to calculate the true cost.
  • That price might not be that great.
  • You can do it from home.

Remember that this holiday was created to lure customers. If you want to make it through the holidays debt-free, make sure and stick to your budget and going out to the sales on Black Friday may make that much more difficult.