5 Tips to Keep you Safe While Driving this Holiday Season

Last year we did a post on ways to keep you safe while driving this holiday season. I think it has important tips and it never hurts to be reminded. So from December 19, 2008 here are 5 Tips to keep you safe while driving this holiday season.

Holiday get-togethers and parties are what make Christmas such a fun time of year. We see friend and family we haven’t seen all year, we get to enjoy wonderful food and enjoy the beauty of the snow. But all these things can turn into tragedies when people are killed or injured in traffic accidents.

Here are 5 tips to keep you safe while driving this holiday season:

1. Don’t drive while eating, drinking or talking on your cell phone. Winter weather is hard enough without those distractions. If you need to use the cell phone, pull over to a safe spot(rest stop or wide shoulder) to use your cell phone.

2. Always wear a seat belt and make sure every passenger in your car is wearing one too. Remember the rear seat is the safest place for children of any age to sit.

3. Do not drive when you are drowsy. Take a nap before you head out or pull over to a safe rest stop (not on the highway) to take the edge off your exhaustion.

4. Be flexible with your travel plans! ??Leave early to avoid the peak traffic hours. If snow is predicted during the time you plan to travel, change your schedule. It is better to reschedule your get-together then to risk the lives of traveling family or friends.

5. Be a designated driver and Dont Drink and Drive! Offer your services as a designated driver and keep drinkers off the roads. If you are drinking, give up your keys. Even one or two glasses of wine or beer can greatly impede your driving ability, especially in bad weather.