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Have you ever received a text on your cell phone and wondered what the person was trying to say?

Every now and then I get messages like, “We are going to play Cases”, and I am thinking this is some new fangled game. Then I find out, what they meant to say was “We are going to play Cards”.

“This is often caused by the very convenient feature of cell phones that allows you to only type in the numbers of a word (T-9, iTap, etc), while the cell phone guesses at the word which corresponds to the numbers. Although many users find this feature useful, texts are often sent very quickly and texters may forget to make sure that the word displayed is actually the word they mean. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause confusion or even communicate something completely different!

Fortunately, there is now a solution! Texterpret was created to assist in the interpretation of text messages. All you need to do is enter the word that seems out of place in the text you received, and Texterpret instantly gives you all of the other words that may have been meant!”

Check out texterpret the next time you get a message that says “Don’t forget the she”.

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