The Art of Garage Saleing

garage-saleLast weekend my wife and I went to over 21 different garage sales looking for good deals. It was really the first time that I had been exposed to such madness. I was a greenhorn in a whole new world. After a few sales under my belt, however, I was ready to go. Here are three things that I learned that will make your garage saleing experience successful.

1. Have a game plan: I’m always a fan of a plan. Knowing what you’re looking for and where you’ll be going is essential to making your time effective. Check out craigslist for garage sales in your area, or keep an eye out for those colorful signs and directions.

2. Have a sidekick: Having someone to ‘garage sale’ with you is of paramount importance. They can serve various important purposes while you are on your adventure. They can be a spotter, finding garage sale signs. They can be a navigator, helping you find those mapquest locations. They are also a great ‘protector’. What I mean by protector is they keep you from spending money on the things you really don’t need, preventing a further perpetuation of the garage sale ‘junk cycle’.

3. Stay hydrated: Bring water and snacks (and buy lemonade from the sweet little girls at the garage sales). Taking care of your body while you are saleing is pivotal to having a fun and healthy experience.

We’d love to hear from you and add any tips you might have about how to make garage saleing an amazing experience.

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