The Art of Re-gifting – 5 Simple Tips

It is said that 70% of Americans re-gift during the holidays, with a majority of those re-gifters being female. If that is true than that would mean that we all have at some point probably received a gift that at one time was intended for the giver. Don’t let this bother you, join in the fun and be a re-gifter. I am sure you can find some items around your house that you have never used.

There are big benefits to re-gifting. If you are never going to use the item, and its just sitting around, than why not re-gift it to someone who will get use out of it. The money saved and the environmental impact of recycling and reusing are great benefits!

Here are some practical tips on re-gifting:

1. Remember to check inside the box before gift wrapping. I have heard it been done before, someone wrapped a gift without first looking inside and the receiver opened it to find a wedding card inside addressed to the giver of the gift. Now that’s embarrassing! Always check to make sure you didn’t leave any old cards inside before wrapping!

2. If the item is still in a box of some sort, make sure all the old wrapping paper is off and no visible signs of re-gifting is apparent.

3. Never re-gift handmade items or items made specifically for you. If its monogrammed or a book is signed with your name, these are not acceptable gifts to re-gift.

4. Remember who gave you the item! If you don’t remember, than its best not to re-gift it. You don’t want to give a gift back to the person who gave it to you.

5. Always give the gift with good intention, as you would a new gift. Give it because you honestly feel the recipient would enjoy it.

Check out for some great re-gifting stories and vote for your favorite!

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