The Art of Worrying

On the way down to California for a family wedding and fun at Disneyland, we stopped at an old 1950’s diner and came across a hilarious book, perfect for a New Year’s gift, or resolution. The book is titled, “The Fine Art Of Worrying: The Official Guide Book For Worry Warts” and has some great information and funny insights from the author Ben Goode.

Worrying is something that we all do to some degree. Yet each of us and our worrying can seem strange to others and often peculiar. A favorite man once said, “Who by worrying can add a single day to their life?” As we prepare for 2009, maybe a resolution could be to tone down the worrying just a bit.

Here are a few of my favorites from Goode’s book:

-two things a cow should worry about:

1. will my master’s hands be cold this morning?

2. where do hamburgers come from

-one thing a fish should worry about:

1. if i decide to practice my backstroke, will my owner flush me down the toilet?

-four things a paranoid schizophrenic should worry about:

1. which car am I driving?

2. what was that noise?

3. why is the light purple?

4. what was that noise?

-one thing a chicken should worry about (my personal favorite):

1. which part of the nugget am I?

Check out the book The Fine Art Of Worrying: The Official Gude Book For Worry Warts (The Truth About Life) at Amazon for only $6.95 and think about lowering the worry level in 2009.

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