The Truth About SunScreen-What You Need To Know

sunscreenAs the Summer’s heat continues to press on, more and more people are hitting the pools and the beach to soak up some rays. Others are traveling and taking advantage of the beautiful weather and everyone in general is outside more. So what are the risks of more exposure to the sun and how does one use sunscreen effectively.

Skin Cancer Connection has great information about sun tan lotion and proper skin care in the sun. They even have an online quiz you can take to find out how much you now about sunscreen and skin care.

Skin Care Connection recommends that on a daily basis, “one should apply sunscreen to the face, neck, ears, and the back of the hands as these areas are commonly exposed to the sun despite the clothing that we wear. If you wear short-sleeved shirts daily, then applying the sunscreen to the exposed areas of your arms is also wise.

The sunscreen you choose should protect you from a broad range of sunlight, and should contain at least one of the following three ingredients: zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or parsol 1789 (avobenzone). SPF of 15 or greater is appropriate for daily use. Of course, if you expect to be out in the sun for an extended period of time, then a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater should be applied every 2 hours to all sun exposed areas.This may sound cumbersome, but just a few extra minutes of applying sunscreen will protect you from future cancers!”

Encourage your children and other (as well as yourself) not to go out into the sun for extended periods of time without sunscreen. Taking care of skin now can prevent issues like cancer and burns later. Sunscreen also prevents large amounts of energy from being zapped from your body while enjoying the sun and uncomfortable burns and peeling down the road.

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