Time Saving Tip Tuesday: Putting Newton’s Laws To Work

freeimages.co.uk photos of objectsWelcome to another Time Saving Tip Tuesday! Another chance for you to enact a strategy to save you time throughout your day. Another chance to form a transforming habit that will free you up to enjoy life and not have that overwhelming feeling that there is too much to do and too little time.

This week we’re going to use a little science to help us with our time saving tip. I was never all that great at science in school, but I think that this simple law can be used as we consider how to save time throughout our day. One of Newton’s (a really smart dead guy) laws of motion was this: Objects in motion, tend to stay in motion and objects at rest, tend to stay at rest. While I’m sure Newton said it much more eloquently, the general idea is that something that is sitting still will not move unless an outside force makes it move and something in motion will not stop unless an outside force makes it stop.

What does this have to do with saving time? Everything. Because so often, we can find it difficult to get started on a project or to-do list. We are ‘at rest’ with that particular project or even ‘at rest’ completely, sleeping or sitting on the couch. While rest is necessary, resters must beware. The longer you stay at rest, the harder it will be for you to get into motion.

So this week’s time saving tip is simple: Get moving. Don’t allow the illusion that there is too much to do to keep you stationary. Find a small, simple task that is easy to do and start with that, then allow the momentum of completing that action to propel you into the rest of your day. You will find that as you continue to stay in motion, the momentum of your action will give you the energy you need to continue on with the rest of your day. Your list will seem shorter and less daunting when you make the decision to ‘begin motion’ and get started on what you have to accomplish that day.

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