Use SnapTell to Help You Find Your Christmas Gifts

I just saw this today for the first time. One of my colleagues has the SnapTell application on their iPhone and they showed me how it worked. I was sad that I didn’t have a iPhone until I read that any phone with a camera will work, obviously not the same as the iPhone but you snap, send and get.

Here’s how it works: Using an everyday camera phone and SnapTell’s innovative image recognition technology, users can easily and instantly access requested information. The SnapTell solution enables consumers to easily access marketing content and information on the go, driving brand awareness, conversion, loyalty and revenues. Our 100% opt-in Snap.Send.Get mobile marketing solution gives consumers the power to define their mobile marketing experience. We believe that consumers have the right to decide when and how they will participate in their mobile marketing experience.

So when you need help with finding an item, you snap a photo, send it to snaptell and get back cool content on your phone. They will tell you the best price online and in your area, where you can buy it and give you directions to the store. This would be a great help with those hard to find items and anything that keeps me from traveling from store to store is a wonderful thing.

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